Ruined Masonry Wall

Years ago we had nice set of fortifications to hold of the enemy, but, well... time has not been to kind to them, not to mention that artillery fire last week....  On the frontlines, the war-torn scene requires, no, demands that each and every fortification be prepared for abuse.  So how better then to entrench your army behind some good old fashioned Ruined Masonry Walls?  They have been hit so hard they should just be dust, but yet they are still here.  So set up a few of these 4" long kits and prepare for war, cause that is what they are ready for, the next battle.  This Ruined Masonry Wall kit comes with one 4.25" long and 0.75" tall section of hard beaten masonry to give your troops the necessary cover on they need on the battlefield.  This kit comes unassembled, unpainted, and requires files, razors, clippers, and other hobby tools for extraction and assembly. Be sure to spray seal or prime before painting.  Be sure to spray seal or prime before painting.

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$8.00 USD