Biker's Dozen Half Rack

This tourney half rack is made for the champions speeding to battle on screaming cycles- 13 slots for 25mm bases and 12 slots for 40mm/55mm bases. Ready to bring the bikes to battle and ride all over your opponent.

Tired of carrying miniatures to tournaments in a makeshift case?  Looking for a more compact way of carrying your miniatures when your full-sized Tournament Rack is not required? This is the tray for you. This tourney half rack is made for the full out assault and ready to cover the battlefield in soldiers, specialists, and mercenaries.

Each Biker's Dozen Half Rack has:

  • 13 slots for 25mm models
  • 12 slots for 40mm/55mm models
  • no token tray (sorry Nessie)

Additionally, it is fully compatible with the Short Stack Struts and the Tournament Rack Legs.

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$30.00 USD