Heroes & Villians United Storage Insert

Complete and flexible solutions for your favorite Chibi Superheroes United board game. This stackable storage solution is made to keep all of your game components safe and stored in one place. They are sized to fit inside of the core game and exclusive content boxes and also stack with each other in any order. Components include alphabetical matching tab and slot assembly keys (Tab A into Slot A, etc)

Made to fit all component of core game and expansions, including sleeved cards

Core Game storage is ~4.5" tall.
Expansion Cards storage is ~3.25" tall
Heroes United miniatures storage trays are ~2.75" tall
Villians United miniatures storage trays are ~3.1" tall

Core Game + Expansion Card Storage stacked height is ~7.7"
Both Heroes + Villian Trays total stacked height is ~8.55"

Box corner frames ensure that your box top sits snugly on top of your storage stack. Just adhere to inside of box cover with sticky tack or with glue.

*****Rubber bands and paperclips not included.

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$8.95 USD