Tectonic Craft Studios terrain, accessory, and hobby kits come as flat-packs for easy punching out and removal of the pieces of each kit. Like all hobby projects, this is a task best undertaken with an assortment of good hobby tools including but not limited to: hobby knives, files, hobby drill, pin vice, modeling putty, super glue, wood glue, files, clippers, and hobby saws.

  TCS kits very much require glue and can be assembled with almost any kind of glue including wood glue, tacky glue, elmer's glue, craft glue, hot glue, or even super glue. Rubber and plastic cements will not work on TCS products.

  When punching out elements of a kit from the flat packs, it is best to punch from the back to the front, since it is there you will be applying the most direct pressure to the piece where the joint is strongest. Due to the nature of the cutting process, the cut is clearest on the front and closely perforated on the back. If there is any fraying, shreding, or fuzzy edges, you might want to score some of the trouble spots with a hobby knife or razor. Sometimes filing the edges afterwards is necessary. If you severely break a piece, please email with photographs of any damaged or unsatisfactory parts.

 It is worth nothing that the kits will punch out easier from the back as that is the point of most connection as well as give you a clear idea of what the entire piece looks like.

Happy building!



Dice Tower

Full Stack

Administration Ruins

Defensive Bunker



Train Car

Train Rails

Victorious Arch