We are moving! After a long bit of packing and refiguring, we are starting to settle into our new studio space so orders placed may take a little while to process. Any questions, please email Shop@TectonicCraftStudios.com


Tabletop miniatures games are a lot more than just games. Tabletop minis gaming is a hobby of strategy, tactics, modeling, painting, storytelling, dice-rolling, fun-having, and hanging out with your friends. They are as much about spatial relationships as they are personal ones. They're as much about making your army as they are playing and winning with them. As a whole, the tabletop minis hobby is a highly visual one. We spend hours and hours of converting, sculpting, painting, inking, and highlighting to make sure our armies look great.


But what about the battlefields? Isn't it about them too?


How many times have you spent all that time personalizing your army, maybe with friends or at a local gaming store, only to fight an epic battle on a plain grass/wasteland board with a few uninspired hills, drab buildings, and a few generic accent pieces?

Tectonic Craft Studios is looking to change that. We're looking to start making terrain as a continuous and evolving line of tabletop scenery that can grow with and adapt to a constantly growing and changing war games community. War games need high detail, durable, yet affordable terrain that is easily and intuitively assembled to get it built and on the table.


After our wildly successful Kickstarter and a good deal of learning the hard way, our machines are up and running. While we are still putting designs through for or kickstarters, we can share some of the wealth they have already received. As we ship out kickstarter rewards we'll be adding our terrain pieces and many other items as well.

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