Hello Everyone,

  As many of you know, this company started off with a lot of help from the crowd sourcing website called Kickstarter. We are still in the process of making and sending out rewards to our backers.

  That will continue on as it has, and hopefully better. If you are a kickstarter backer, please be sure to enable and allow all emails from TectonicCraftStudios.com through as this is our main avenue through which we'll be acquiring contact and shipping information as well as giving you choices for your rewards. Check the kickstarter updates page for visuals of product selection and information regarding which rewards have had information collected for them and which haven't.

Please send all kickstarter questions to Kickstarted@tectoniccraftstudios.com

Many thanks,


All of our products are made out of MDF, which paints very well. We recommend you use a spray primer or a seal coat before you begin painting, since the material is porous and might dry unevenly if you don't prime or seal it first. All of the detail in our designs will remain after you paint it. We designed it with painting in mind.

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