About Us

Welcome to our Black Friday/Small Biz Saturday/Cyber Monday/Last minute early bird sale! We've cut our shipping rates *Dramatically* and added two sweet coupon codes to use on checkout

BigSaleInTheCold_TCS2018 gets you 20% off on orders over $75

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Both codes valid until Wed Nov 28 at midnight! We'll be posting new products to Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter over the course of the weekend, all included in the sale so check us out and look around!

Hello everyone, and thank for dropping by our little corner of the internet. Feel free to check out our ever expanding and varied array of quality tabletop and hobby accessories including movement trays, bases and inserts, hobby and play aids, and of course.... Terrain. Everyone loves terrain. 

  I started up this company to make quality tabletop products to play the games the way that I wanted to play. Sooner than later I started getting some feedback from friends and the regulars at my FLGS.... then the con circuit... and here we are. Making all of the things. It's been a tremendous five years and I've loved it to death. I am looking foward to what else I can do and make to improve the tabletop gaming scene and the hobbies we all love.

  If I met you at a convention, tournament, or hobby class, thank you very much for checking out my site. If I haven't met you yet, I hope that someday we can trade hobby tips and tricks or recount our favorite moments on the tabletop.

-"Tectonic" Dan Cotrupe