Full Rack Tournament Tray

The tournament tray has become a necessity of organized play for minis events, vital to quickly and securely transport your models between tables and games, without needing to store and get them out over and over all day. There are a wide variety of Full Rack options, able to accomodate any Warmachine/Hordes list(s), 40k or AoS armies, Legion, Monpoc, Kings of War, or just display.

Tray Dimensions are ~20.5" x 11.8" x 1.8".

All of these models are fully compatible with:

Tray Stackers to stack multiple trays on top of each other

Adapter Plates to hold those odd or over sized models

Adapter discs to get the most use out of your 120mm and 80mm base slots

And of course, the Full Rack Foundation which transforms your tourney tray into a full scale convention and tournament storage system, able to handle.

Each Armor Division Full Rack has:

  • 18x 30mm Slots,
  • 6x 30/40mm Counterbored Slots
  • 4x 40/50mm Counterbored Slots
  • 6x 120mm slots

    Each Battalion Full Rack has:

    • 46x 30mm Slots
    • 11x 40/50mm Counterbored Slots
    • 2x 120mm

      The Captain Full Rack has:

      • 37x 30mm Slots
      • 10x 30/40mm Counterbored Slots
      • 3x 40/50mm Counterbored Slots
      • 3x 120mm Slots

      Each Display Full Rack has:

      • 1x Open Plane, free to decorate, magnetize, or create a display with.

      Each Forward Division Full Rack has:

      • 57x 30mm Slots
      • 15x 30mm/40mm Counterbore Slots
      • 10x 40/50mm Counterbore Slots

      The General Full Rack has:

      • 91x 25/32mm Counterbore Slots

      The Phalanx Full Rack has:

      • 66x 32/40mm Counterbore Slots,

      Each Rack of Kings has:

      • 48x 30mm Slots,
      • 17x 40/50mm Counterbore Slots,
      • and 2x 80mm Slots.

        Each Skirmisher Full Rack has:

        • 24x 30mm Slots,
        • 23x 40/50mm Counterbored Slots,
        • 2x 120mm Slots

        Each Warband Full Rack has:

        • 48x 30/40mm Slots,
        • 6x 40/50mm Counterbored Slots,
        • 1x 120mm Slot

          The Warlord Full Rack has:

          • 66x 25/40mm Counterbored Slots.

          The Kaiju XL Full Rack has:

          • 15x 60mm round corner square slots
          • 4x 60mm round corner square slots with 4x30mm square slots sunken in
          • 9x 30mm round corner square slots
          • 1x Accessory carrying bay (Compatible with MonPoc Dice Box & Rolling Tray, sold separately)

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          $34.95 USD