Travel Tray

The TCS Travel Tray is the latest in tournament tray accomodation capabilities. These trays are conveniently made to fit into your travel bags for easy transport to the local game store, your friend's house, and the con circuit. Fully compatible with a wide variety of storage and accessory options, including struts for infinite stackability, storage space for drawer systems, token and widget storage, dice trays, clear plastic bead containers and more.

One adapter disc is included per 120mm slot in your chosen Travel Tray. Please note which base size (30, 40, or 50mm) you'd like your adapter plate to accomodate in the notes section of checkout.

Tray measures 15.4" x 8.9"x 1.2"

Variant accomodations:

  • Envoy: 9x 30mm slots, 2x 30/40mm slots, 10x 40/50mm slots, 2x 120mm slots
  • Platoon: 12x 30mm slots, 3x 30/40mm slots, 4x 40/50mm slots, 2x 120mm slots
  • Patrol: 19x 30/40mm slots, 4x 30mm slots, 4x 40/50mm slots, 1x120mm slot
  • Regiment: 35x 30mm slots, 4x 30/40mm slots, 1x 120mm slots
  • Vanguard: 10x 25mm slots, 50x 25/32mm slots
  • Killteam: 13x 25mm slots, 32 25/40mm slots
  • Veteran: 8x 32mm slots, 32x 32/40mm slots
  • Legionnaire: 2x 100mm/7x27mm slotted bases, 4x 70mm/3x 27mm slotted bases, 6x 40mm/27mm slotted bases, & 18x 27mm base slots.
  • Rogue: 6x small ship slots, 4x small/large ship slots, nesting template slots
  • MonPoc: 6x 30mm rounded square slots, 6x 60mm w/4x 30mm rounded square slots, 9x 60mm rounded square slots. 
  • Display- A clean, flat surface to build your display or diorama on. Hardware included to maintain functionality with other Travel Trays and utility components.
  • Titan- 2x 120 oval slots w/1x50mm & 3x40mm slots inset
    2x 105 ovals w/2x50mm slots inset
    3x 80mm Ovals w/2x 40mm slots inset
    1x 105mm oval/80mm circle slot w/2x50mm slots inset
    6x 40mm slots
Other TCS Products compatible with these include the Travel Tray Underframe, UAF Toolbox, Card Caddie, Unit Adapter Plates, Adapter Discs, and Tray Stackers.

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$29.95 USD