Modular Paint Rack (M.P.R.) System

Paint storage can be a serious problem for even the most casual of painters. If you have a lot of paints, from a lot of collections, it can become a serious problem.

The Modular Paint Rack (MPR) is a vertical stacking modular paint storage system allowing for easy storage, organizing, and transporting of your model paints. Each MPR tray is made to fit GW Pots, PP bottles, AP/V/MC or Secret Weapon Miniatures Droppers, or Secret Weapon pigments specifically and can stack or tile with any of them.

There are both vertical and horizontal fastening elements included in each MPR element as well as holes in the back brace in case you wanted to affix it to a wall, cabinet, door, or what-have-you. 

Oh, and best of all is that they are ~8.5" wide, ~2.25" deep, and ~2.5" tall, keeping your valuable hobby space free for paints and models and palettes instead of a huge paint rack. 

**Each MPR Tray holds 5 paints (or 4 pigments)**

Also check out the Paint Pot Holder and the Hobby Grip for your painting area.

Comes unassembled and does require assembly. Wood glue suggested for the lateral and bracket components of each APR Tray.



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$7.95 USD