AdeptiCon 2020 Custom Name Tag

Enjoy the biggest days of wargaming, this Spring in Chicagoland with your very own awesome Custom name tag -

From home!

It's terribly sad news that the biggest event in Minis wargaming this year has been cancelled due to the health climate. We're doing our best to make the most of it and band together with each other to try and celebrate what we love- minis, hobby, friends.

So here we are. 

The Personalized TCS name tags we have all come to know and love are now available for AdeptiCon this year. Please enter the desired text for your name tag in the notes section of Check out, with any capitalization, punctuation, and spacing elements included as is (these will be copy/pasted directly into the formatting file).

Choose whether you'd like the original Adepticon Design or the update AdepticAN'T nametag.

No IP infringement, hate speech, or profanity. I know you guys are awesome and wouldn't pull any of that nonsense but I had to make sure I had it in writing.

  • Standard name tag has a 16 character limit
  • Deluxe has a 30 character limit, perfect to promote your channel, game store, business, or online handle.
  • *****All name tags come UNPAINTED and with a clip*****

All nametags will be shipped out so you can paint these at home at your leisure or join us for a hobby hangout one of the nights.


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$13.95 USD