Craftsman's Crate

Do you feel that your battlefield requires more crates but wishing they came in a newer, smaller, and more compact travel size?  We feel the same way, so we came up with the little brother kit to our Wooden Supply Crate kit.  These Little Wooden Supply Crates come two to a set, each cube having sides 1.5" long and carrying the awesome wood grain detail the big ones have while providing some additional variety to your gaming table.  So, remember, if you are carrying supplies to the front lines to support the war effort, you are definitely going to need some of these little guys to aid in the process!  This kit comes unassembled, unpainted, and requires files, razors, clippers, and other hobby tools for extraction and assembly. Be sure to spray seal or prime before painting.  Be sure to spray seal or prime before painting.

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$7.95 USD