LVO 2019 Custom Name Tag

The Personalized TCS name tags we have all come to know and love are now available for this year's Las Vegas Open!

No IP infringement, hate speech, or profanity. I know you guys are awesome and wouldn't pull any of that nonsense but I had to make sure I had it in writing.

  • Standard name tag has a 16 character limit
  • Deluxe has a 30 character limit, perfect to promote your channel, game store, business, or online handle.
  • All name tags come unpainted and with a clip. 

This year for the first time, you will have the option of either

  • picking them up at the booth
  • Having them priority mailed to you before the show so you can paint them up yourself!

>>>>>On site pickup Name Tags can be ordered until 11:59 PM EST Tuesday February 5th 2019 and can be picked up at the TCS Booth with printed or digital order confirmation .

>>>>>Priority mailed Name Tags can be ordered until 11.59 PM EST Sunday February 3rd 2019. Orders will be processed and shipped within 24 hours via USPS flat rate priorty shipping (for 1-3 business days between order placement and receipt). International shipping unavailable for this selection, for delivery time reasons. Upgraded shipping reflected in Tag prices to maintain harmony with our existing shipping methods.

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$13.95 USD