NOVA Open 2016 Custom Nametag

Herald your presence on the field of battle this Labor Day weekend with a custom NOVA Open 2016 name tag. See your enemies tremble as you drive them before you with this regal nametag. This year's NOVA Open promises to be the biggest and best yet, with more games, prizes, and fun than ever before... which is saying something!

Customize your tag with up to 24 characters of beautifully lettered craftsmanship to announce your name, alias, or forum handle as you please. Part of a company/blog/YouTube channel/podcast? Add that as well.

Please include what you'd like the name tag to say for your name and also for any company/personality associations. Be sure to select the persona deluxe nametags if you wish to include your media outlet or company name.

These nametags will be available for pick up at the Tectonic Craft Studios booth (in the vendor area by the elevators) at NOVA Open 2016. Please bring a smartphone or printout of your receipt/order confirmation to the booth to pick up your custom name tag.

***All nametags come as UNPAINTED premium laser cut wood product***

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$12.00 USD