NOVA Open 2017 Personalized Name Tag

What better way to spend your Labor Day weekend than gaming with friends at The NOVA Open?! Best wear a personalized name tag while you are there!

Standard name tag has an 18 character limit. 

***Name tags are available _ONLY_for pick up at our booth in the vendor area***

Deluxe has a 30 character limit, perfect for advertising your publishing company, design firm, podcast, youtube channel, forum handle, or any other media of choice. Go nuts!

Please put desired text in the notes section of the cart. Thank you much! 

Only available until Monday August 28th at 10pm EST. 

****No profanity, IP infringement, or disrespectful or hate language. I know you guys all rock but I just want to cover my bases.

For the first time, personalized name tags are available in their standard wood finish or pre-painted! They are painted with a faux-metal finish that can serve as a finished product or as a base for additional painterly attentions. Be wild. Have fun! Join Dan on wednesday night for an unofficial hobby/painting night. Message our Facebook to get in contact with Dan in real-time at the show.

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$12.25 USD