We will be having Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Tuesday Sales

  • All Movement Trays & Custom unit bases get a free charge arc with any order. All orders of $20+ get a free set of damage dice templates
  • base insert Bundles
  • Toolbox & Tourney Tray

More bundles, deals, add-ons, and discounts will be added over the course of the day, the weekend, and next week! Stay tuned for all kinds of deals on new and old stuff!

We are moving!

Oct 15 2014

Hey Everyone, 

  Starting in October we moved to a new studio in a new town and we are still getting settled in. As such, processing orders will take a bit longer than usual. Emails will be sent to customers who placed orders letting them know their order statuses as the move progresses and orders begin moving along. Thanks for the patience everyone.


All the best,

-Archy Dan

Hey everybody,


  Things are busy busy here at TCS. Looks like Steamroller season is coming up! Does everyone have what they need to play competitively? Widgets? Blast keys? AoEs? Well you MUST have your tournament rack. No rack? No worries! This month we are offering 20% off ALL our tournament racks ordered from our online store. Just enter: 201406GotRacks? in the discount/coupon code section in checkout and you should be all set. 


  More gaming gear will be added Monday!

Hey Everybody,


  Dan here from TCS and I'm working on A LOT! It's been a crazy April with AdeptiCon, PAX East, The East Coast Rumble, and KingdomCon but we made it through all of that craziness (and then some) and I'm back here in studio working on... well working on a number of things.


  The influx of shows has given us some good exposure, some good memories, and some good influx of funds. This month is quiet as far as shows so I'll be in the studio wrapping up kickstarter orders. I'm currently chasing down some of the past orders that fell through the cracks and working on the composite Deluxe orders and full tables. It's a process but it's happening :) I'm So stoked!


  Besides that I've been working on the finishing touches for the Northwatch Outpost and painting up some new studio models for the website. There are some cool new things coming out soon that I can't wait to show you all. I'll be dropping hints on facebook, twitter as well as full release info on BoLS Gamewire and TGN.


Back to work! Drawing, painting, cutting, shipping!


Green wizard needs MOAR COFFEH!


Hey Everyone,


  It's been a real long time since I really posted on here but things are coming along. Polishing up the last kickstarter design this week, looking forward to some awesome new projects, and of course- getting ready for convention season. Which shows will we see you guys at?

PAX East? AdeptiCon? Kingdom Con? NOVA Open? GenCon? DexCon? TexasGamingCon? Lock n' Load? Feast of Blades?


Let us know where we can meet you and show you the latest and upcoming TCS Products on Facebook or Twitter.


Speaking of... If you have some of our terrain, our objectives, our trays, our base inserts- post some pics on facebook and tag us! We love seeing our stuff in your hands and on your tables.


Happy Hobbying,


Coming soon

Dec 03 2012

Our first wave of terrain is ready to go and once it is out to our kickstarter it will be available on our web site too!

If you want a sneak peek go to:

Update #41


 Hi, some of you may have noticed our credit card processor was not accepting your order. We are sorry about this and once it came to our attention we quickly went to resolve the issue. This required switching to a different gateway as the company we were using was not accommodating. The problem should be resolved, but please if you experience any issues do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at .

Thank you



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