Hey Everybody,


  Dan here from TCS and I'm working on A LOT! It's been a crazy April with AdeptiCon, PAX East, The East Coast Rumble, and KingdomCon but we made it through all of that craziness (and then some) and I'm back here in studio working on... well working on a number of things.


  The influx of shows has given us some good exposure, some good memories, and some good influx of funds. This month is quiet as far as shows so I'll be in the studio wrapping up kickstarter orders. I'm currently chasing down some of the past orders that fell through the cracks and working on the composite Deluxe orders and full tables. It's a process but it's happening :) I'm So stoked!


  Besides that I've been working on the finishing touches for the Northwatch Outpost and painting up some new studio models for the website. There are some cool new things coming out soon that I can't wait to show you all. I'll be dropping hints on facebook, twitter as well as full release info on BoLS Gamewire and TGN.


Back to work! Drawing, painting, cutting, shipping!


Green wizard needs MOAR COFFEH!



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