Round Base Movement Trays

With the advent of round bases across the, comes a new need to keep your models in easy-to-maneuver formations. Welcome to our new skirmish trays for round based models. 

Check out some of our variations of trays

For maximum model contact:
Gapless Round Base Movement Trays

For maximum close combat:
Pile In! Movement Trays

For models spaced exactly 1" apart:
Perfect Spaced Movement Trays

For Cavalry:
60mm Oval Movement Trays

For Deploying with The Ferryman Endless Spell:
Ferryman Deployment Tray

For Ballista Crew deployment:
Ballista Tray

For Heavy Weapon squads:
Heavy Weapon Squad

For Sniper Teams:
AM Sniper Block Movement Tray

For keeping models in coherency:
Coherency Trays

For when you have too many models:
Discount 10-bundles
Discount 5-Bundles


And if you need ANY oval or round bases, we have **EVERY** size here! 

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$5.21 USD